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      • 全自動反滲透純水處理設備的超濾膜應用與維護保養?
      • 本站編輯:重慶碧純凈化設備有限公司發布日期:2019-09-18 10:36 瀏覽次數:

      現在社會水污染很嚴重,人們對于水的要求也提高了很多,全自動反滲透純水處理設備超濾膜選型也就變得尤為重要,: 一般來說,超濾膜是一種孔徑規格一致,額定孔徑范圍為0.01微米以下的微孔過濾膜。大多用于純水處理、分離、濃縮、純化生物制品、醫藥制品以及食品工業中,今天技術人員主要為您講述全自動反滲透純水處理設備超濾膜的保養方法和應用方法。 全自動反滲透純水處理設備超濾膜的清洗步驟:

      Nowadays, water pollution is very serious in society, and people's requirements for water have been raised a lot. Ultrafiltration membrane selection of fully automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment has become particularly important. Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of microporous membrane with uniform pore size and rated pore size of less than 0.01 micron. Most of them are used in pure water treatment, separation, concentration, purification of biological products, pharmaceutical products and food industry. Today, technicians mainly tell you about the maintenance methods and application methods of ultrafiltration membrane of fully automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. Cleaning steps of ultrafiltration membrane for fully automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment:



      1. Rinse the whole UF system with clean water (which can intercept macromolecular substances and proteins between 0.002 and 0.1 microns). Water temperature is higher than that of membrane module by reverse osmosis (with the help of semi-permeable membrane separation technology).


      2. Choose appropriate detergent for circulating cleaning water treatment equipment: drinking water list, detergent can contain EDTA or sodium hexametaphosphate complexing agent.


      3. Rinse with clean water to remove the detergent.


      4. Check the permeability energy of the membrane under specified conditions. Repeat steps if the expected value is not reached.


      5. Immerse in 0.5% formaldehyde solution for disinfection (refers to the method of killing pathogenic microorganisms, but not necessarily killing bacterial spores) and storage.


      In the case of pressure difference between the two sides of the UF membrane, when tap water flows through the membrane surface, many tiny pores (about 6 billion 0.01 microns on the wall of the UF filament tube per metre) are densely distributed on the surface of the UF membrane. Only water molecules and small molecules (beneficial minerals and trace elements) are allowed to pass through, but the volume is larger than that of the micropore. The diameter of substances (bacteria, colloids, rust, suspended solids, sediment and macromolecular organic matter are all larger than bacteria) are intercepted to achieve the purification effect of tap water.


      The influence of inappropriate operation of automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment on ultrafiltration membrane:


      1. As far as pure water treatment is concerned, most of the damage of UF membrane components occurs in the initial stage of component loading and operation. Because the equipment is a more rigorous product, it is vulnerable to mechanical damage.


      2. Ultrafiltration membranes will be damaged due to incorrect design or incorrect operation of fully automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. The deterioration of Ultrafiltration membranes caused by such damage is very difficult to recover.


      3. Ultrafiltration membrane faults occurring in operation: This is generally due to the wrong operation state, which will lead to the decline of water flow, as long as the correct operation state is reset, it can be restored.


      Through the above introduction, you must have known the maintenance method of ultrafiltration membrane cleaning for fully automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. If the cleaning is not in place, it not only reduces the life of the equipment, but also affects the quality of water. Contact Chongqing Bichun Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. for more information, let us tell you in detail.






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